Nick & Rylee | 2017 Valentine's Day Mini Sessions

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Usually, I wait until a few days after I've sent out the gallery to post the session blog, but this one was just so awesome - I couldn't wait! 

Around the middle of January, I posted about my Valentine's Day Mini Sessions that were coming up the weekend before Valentine's Day. Rylee & Nick had booked a couple's session with me a few years before, so I was thrilled when she emailed me to book a mini session. The evening before their session, Nick contacted me and told me that he had her ring all ready to go and wanted to pop the question during the mini! 

Of course, I was 100% on board! We planned out how it would go down, and let me tell you, I had a little trouble sleeping that night because I was so pumped. 

When they showed up to the session, I could tell that Rylee had no clue what was about to happen. We spent the first 15 minutes or so pretending like it was any other mini session. Then, Nick and I put our plan into action. I posed Rylee in a super awkward position facing away from Nick to give him a chance to pull the ring out of his sock and get down on one knee. 

As soon as he was ready, she started to turn around to see what he was doing behind her, and there he was! PROPOSING! 

No joke, I was shaking like crazy. 

She, of course, said yes and we took a few extra minutes to get some shots of the ring. This will go down in GAP history as one of the most exciting sessions I've ever shot! 

Thank you SO MUCH, Nick, for letting me in on such a special moment for you guys! Congratulations!! 

Did you or someone you know also get a sparkly ring for this Valentine's Day?

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